7 years since the tragedy

September 11, 2001.
Nineteen terrorists boarded the four planes. Fifteen of them were from Saudi Arabia, two - the United Arab Emirates, one - from Egypt and another - from Lebanon.

They do not conform to the typical portrait of the suicide bomber and did not arouse suspicion because they were middle-aged, well-educated and with the current lifestyle.

The hijackers flew two liner in the World Trade Center towers, which vrezultate both towers collapsed. A third plane was sent vzdanie Pentagon. The passengers and crew of the fourth aircraft popytalisperehvatit control of the aircraft by terrorists, crashed into the poleokolo Shenksvill city in Pennsylvania.

8:46 am
Flight 11 at a speed of about 790 km / h crashed into the north side of the north tower of the WTC. The plane is almost entirely goes into the building, he breaks to the middle of the building, where the power structure, cuts all three stairwells, they fell asleep rubble.

People below the strike zone, evacuated from the building, people were higher, can not do so, because of all the stairs are cut.

At least a hundred people (some sources suggest the figure of 250 people), trapped by fire and smoke on the upper floors, jump down. Some witnesses say about the collapse of a large part of the floor on one of the floors of the north tower about the strike zone, leading many to think that the building starts to crumble.

9:03 am
Flight 175 crashed at a speed of 959 km / h at the south side of the south tower of the WTC.


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