Metro instead of heat

And the opening of the next station of the Kiev Metro. "Hippodrome" was put into operation. Great, great, even more than a kilometer lasted Kurynivska-Red Army branch in the direction of Towers. Not really good. At least, who lives nearby, he knows what durdomny traffic here in the morning - to the center and in the evening - in the opposite direction, respectively. But the truth is that part of life that we want to show. Which is usually not easy to demonstrate, but just to poke her in the snout. "Here - look, and prostrate, unbelievers. Pokraschennya overtakes all. Even if you do not want it all »
Why so ernichayu? So yes. Commissioning of the next subway station - this, I would say a sacred duty in terms of transport infrastructure development. Because the city is suffocating. So show it as a kind of extraordinary achievement - sorry. Done - well done - thank you.
But then, as cost to the people who came to this grand opening just fully again reflects the real attitude of the "fathers and mothers" folk to this most people. People came out with placards-trasparantami. People were trying to convey their cry. That the metro - it's great, but the heating and water in their homes, it is no substitute. The normal requirement? It seems to be yes. But all very dissatisfied spore dare to login strong guys, so those with their inappropriate and untimely requirements do not violate the beatific the opening ceremony. For nefig.
It's nothing. Well, absolutely nothing has changed in 20 years. He remembered a picture about the same content when Leonid Kuchma first came to power. Exactly the same strong guys just quickly cleaned uncomfortable contingent out of sight of cameras.
For this country needs to see only what they want to show it. And not what it actually is.


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