Human-motor hybrid bike eROCKIT

Cyclist enthusiast, Berliner Stefan Gulas (Stefan Gulas) invented a man-motor hybrid bike eROCKIT, which combines the advantages of sports motorcycle and bicycle ecology.

Bike-bike eROCKIT able to move at a speed of 80 km / h. The cost of the hybrid motorcycle will be approximately 25 thousand euros.

In the sequel you can learn the technical details of the hybrid motorcycle eROCKIT, as well as view other pictures of him.

Eletro-eROCKIT bicycle equipped with pedals, they connected a generator to charge the battery and motor control system that regulates, so to speak, feed the "gas". The electric motor is located at the rear wheel. Thus mechanical connection between the pedals and the rear axle is absent. Took over the function of the circuit over the electronics. With a maximum speed of 80 km / h and engine capacity of 12 horsepower to overtake a car in city traffic - will not be difficult.

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle also reports that while riding a hybrid bike all the time you need to pedal, that is to go the same way as on a conventional bike. Pen or the gas pedal at eROCKIT no -razgon is due to more intensive pedaling.

Perye people who have experienced work-motor hybrid bike eROCKIT, say that "when pedaling, the feeling that you are endowed with him inhuman strength." According to them, overtaking cars, and using the power of his muscles - an incredibly exciting feeling.

The eROCKIT - 50 mph pedal electric hybrid motorcycle. Photo: Reuters, AP.


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