Brushing your teeth helps prevent heart attack

Brushing your teeth helps prevent heart attack, experts say. Doctors have found that people suffering from thrombosis, as a rule, sick, and inflammation of the gums. There is plenty of evidence linking gum disease with heart disease, but the scientists who carried out the latest study, claim that they were able to show for the first time, as the severity of the disease affects the other.

Chronic gum disease called periodontitis. The disease occurs when the teeth are accumulated food debris and plaque, and begin to irritate the gums. Stone can be cleaned, if you regularly and properly care for their teeth. However, if the person does not brush his teeth or floss, developing an infection in the gums. The teeth become loose and sometimes fall, writes The Daily Mail.

It is not known how the gingival inflammation causes heart disease, however, suggest researchers, bacteria, formed in the gums, is the main cause. The bacteria get into the bloodstream that activates the immune system - the artery walls inflamed and narrowed. It is also possible that the effect on bacteria contained in the blood fats which cause a further narrowing of the arteries.

French cardiologists and dentists examined 131 patients who applied to the hospital to check the arteries. All patients were tested for the presence of gum disease and septicemia. Patients with diseased arteries suffer more severe periodontitis than everyone else. "The most serious disease of the teeth was associated with the heavy defeat of the arteries - researchers believe.

Professor Robin Seymour from the University of Newcastle said that the link between gum disease and heart disease has not been proven. The scientist said that the researchers did not take into account risk factors such as diabetes or smoking.


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