Cherry "Amulet" - the death of the capsule (9 photos)

I want to offer myself as a favorite theme of the Chinese car industry: Ctujlyz at the station during the passage of MOT their car drew attention to the "suspended» «Cherry Amulet». I promised the manager would do a photo of the car, but without MOT station.

Presented photos show "what we do not see" below. The car hung on a lift and passes pre-training.
We do know that in the "normal car" a degree of security and protection of life and passengers are transverse "rib" and "rails" of hardness. They are massive and are welded to the bottom. What we see in "Amulet»? ..
Some small channel, bolted to the bottom of the four bolts "12" !!!

Struck a plastic gas tank! But what about the warning posted at the gas station, the fuel is not "released" in the plastic and glass containers?
It turns out that "Amulet" can not even fill?
Fuel tank location is interesting - not under the rear seats and a luggage compartment. Imagine entering the back of some car easily crushes bumper (papier-mache ??), and the fuel tank. And as the group "Mango Mango", "How brightly lit tank!».
A front - even more interesting. Suspended from some plastic bag with nuts. Locksmiths wonder it nedovinchennoe parts or factory?


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