8 ways to get rid of sleepiness

Slept through his stop? Nodding at work and behind the wheel? Here are some simple tips to help you get rid of excessive sleepiness and fatigue ...

1. Charge. Light exercise after sleep will help you recover the ability to improve concentration and attention. If you tend to sleep after work, and before the house still have to be reached, with the wheel, running a couple of times on the stairs or take a few laps around the parking lot on foot. Focus on driving will be easier, and the night's sleep will be stronger.

2. Change the schedule. Drowsiness may be due to a mismatch of your routine with your biorhythms. Perhaps waking up half an hour later or 20 minutes early, you will feel much better - because they get into the rapid phase of sleep, when the body's functions are activated so the full. Try to "catch" this is the perfect time for yourself and adjust your schedule for it. You can, for example, go to bed early or to negotiate with the authorities of the shift of the working day by half an hour ahead.

3. Light. As soon as you wake up, just turn on the lights in the room - no matter how wanted to sit in polume not hurt your eyes. Do not worry: your eyes will quickly get used, but the light will help the brain to move faster from sleep and concentrate better. To effect lasted the entire day, try to use the last sunny days of autumn and more you walk in the morning.

4. Breaks sleep. In Japan, many large companies have got at special lounges. This is a small dark, soundproof room where everyone can sit in a chair and sleep, and after 45 minutes the chair wake his little vibration. Thus, hardworking Japanese prolong its operation for 3-4 hours. Before us is the benefit of civilization has not reached yet, but you can arrange a break for sleep. Even 15 minutes Sandman helps you feel fresh and cheerful. If you retire at the workplace is not possible, try to take a nap in the truck on the way to work.

5. Tea and coffee. It is the most common and least safe drinks, struggling to stay awake. But with them it is better not to go to far. Drink a cup of strong green tea, when you feel that you absolutely unbearable. And so, the usual 3-4 cups of black tea to maintain the normal state of the whole day is enough.

6. Video player. Many people sacrifice sleep for the evening and night television shows. If you really know all the details priperlo fate of favorite characters, any series can now be purchased on DVD, CD or downloaded from the Internet. In a pinch, you can buy a video player or VCR and record your favorite programs and watch recorded morning during breakfast.

7. Smell. Some pungent smells act on our body similar to a cup of coffee. The smell of lemon and any other citrus, according to the testimony of scientists, contributes to better concentration and accelerates the process of thinking. And the smell of coffee (without ingestion) excellent invigorates. So if you do not want to ruin your teeth or are afraid of a heart attack, you can not drink coffee, and just sniff.

8. A visit to the doctor. If drowsiness does not leave you more than 3 weeks, it's time to think about visiting a specialist. Maybe it's just stress or vitamin deficiency, and perhaps - chronic sleep disorders. For example, narcolepsy - a person can sleep in absolutely any time, even at the peak of activity. Or so-called sleepy gasp - stopping breathing during sleep, often imperceptible to humans, but much spoiling the quality of his rest.


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