The Botanical Garden in Berlin

Botanical Garden - one of the main attractions of Berlin. It is located in the southeast of the city and is very popular with Berliners as a holiday destination.
This garden has been known since the seventeenth century, at the time it was called Kurfyurstengarten.

Today, the Botanical Garden is the largest in area and the richest assortment of plants in Central Europe. In the Botanical Garden are located the department of geography rock garden plants and waste, Department of Systematics, arboretum, water garden, meadow, fragrant garden, the department of food plants, "Kurfyurstengarten" greenhouse.

In the Berlin Botanical Garden is interesting and botanists, and people who are not related to this science. Special plaques tell interesting facts about the peculiarities of plants and natural communities. Picturesque meadows and ponds help to relax and enjoy the spectacular views. In every season there is something to see.


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