In Moscow Protest against increase in terms of jurisdictions

About a hundred people participate in sanctioned protest in Moscow against the increase in terms of the President and the State Duma, said one of the organizers of the rally, the chairman of the Moscow branch of the United Civil Front (UCF) Lolita Tsariya

"The electoral law and so changed to such an extent that people were deprived of their rights: no election of regional governors, abolished the column" against all "- said Tsariya reporters on Friday.

According to her, in protest at the monument Griboyedov in Moscow attended by about 100 people who represent UCF, Russian People's Democratic Union and the Red Youth Vanguard. "In addition, there are representatives of the picket" Union of Right Forces "and human rights & quot ;, - said Tsariya.

"The event is sanctioned by the city authorities, we are guarding three buses with riot police, around full of police", - said the leader of the Moscow FMG. She added that the action takes place without incident.

Moscow. November 14th. INTERFAX


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