How to get a least favorite store

The Security Service has sent a letter Kmart store woman, where it was written that she and her husband refused to visit their store.

"Dear Mrs. Fenton,

In the previous six months, the security service of our store carefully observe the behavior of your husband during his visit to our store. The following list provides details they committed public order offenses. All incidents are confirmed available to us copies of video from surveillance cameras.

We have repeatedly verbally warned your husband, but every time he ignored our comments. On our warnings, he replied rude and also stated that "while my wife goes to the store, I will also come here." In this regard, we have to deny you, your husband and your family access to our shop.

The following are details of actions committed by your husband in the last 6 months in our store:

June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and put them in a basket of other buyers until they have seen.
July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in the department of home goods so that they ring with a 5-minute intervals.
July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice, leading to the toilet.
July 19: He went to the store employee and told her in an official tone: "Code three in the department of home goods." I observe the reaction.
August 4: Ask the administrator making a purchase package of M & M in installments.
September 14: Moved warning sign "Caution. Wet floor "in a room with carpeted floors.
September 15: The department of tourism products has put a tent and invite others to come to his customers, if they capture with a pillow.
September 23: In response to suggestions by staff to help in the selection of goods began to cry and scream, "People, why do not you just leave me alone".
October 4: Looked in the camera surveillance, pretended to look in the mirror and picking his nose.
November 10: The department firearms asked the seller where you can buy anti-depressants.
December 3: Worn around the store suspiciously loudly humming the theme song from the movie "Mission Impossible".
December 6: In the department of auto parts depicted Madonna, using different size funnels.
December 18: He hid in the effluent with clothes and scared buyers shouting "Choose me, Pick me".
December 21: After hearing an announcement on the speakerphone in the room store, he took a fetal position and cried, "Oh, no. Again, these voices! "
23 December: locked in the fitting room, and after some time shouting loudly: "There is no toilet paper!"


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