Little kids

In waterbed large enough liquid to cover the ten centimeters floors in the building with a total area of ​​almost two hundred square meters.

Three year old is able to shout over two hundred adults in a crowded restaurant.

If you attach the fan on the ceiling dog leash, the engine power will not be enough to turn the seventeen pound boy in shirt Batman and Superman cape. On the other hand, the fan power is enough to splash paint all four walls of the room measuring seven by seven meters.

If you want to use the ceiling fan as a baseball bat to hit the ball good have to throw a few times. In general, the fan is able to throw the ball very far

Window glass, even double - not a barrier for baseball, chipped fan.

If after the run-flat noise in the toilet water is heard cries of "Oh-oh-oh," you can not rush.

If you mix brake fluid with detergent based on the chlorine will smoke. Will be a lot of smoke.

A six year old child is able to make fire with flint - even if thirty-six man assures that this only happens in the movies.

Some details Lego easily pass through the digestive tract four year old child

Said he was going to stick pies, be sure to check that in the oven to bake cakes of the dough, and not clay.

Superglue & quot; - The best!

How concentrate for making jelly or BOAD in the swimming pool, walk on water still can not.

Despite assurances from television advertising, VCRs still can not pushed out of the cassette slot sandwiches with peanut butter and jam.

Term response fire department - not more than five minutes

"Do not write on the electric wire!»


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