Slit photography (6 photos)

Just want to say these pictures are original, without processing and effects.
This is not a picture of one moment in conventional photography. In the frame instead of the events that occurred within about 30 seconds, the interval of the space width of 1 pixel. The picture was taken by the slit picture.

The camera takes pictures in the pixel width, and then glues the vertical bars in one picture. As a result, we see that happening in the frame (slot) for a certain time. It can be concluded, for example, that the second horse in the photo at the top of the slot went faster because of its "size" is less than that of the first horse.

Slit survey produces beautiful photos. All the more surprising that there are no distortions, it's just another way to look at the surrounding reality.

The pictures seem like fantastic, although they are absolutely accurate. Crevice picture is almost 150 years is used in the sport. Modern systems are photo-finish on the same principle, only the pixels taking the finish line, and then composing one big photo. The peculiarity of such frames is that all the athletes on the image, and even parts of the body of each individual athlete depicted at various time points, but on one line space.

This technique is sometimes used in the cinema. For example, the slit shooting used in the intro of the series "Doctor Who" and in the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation» (Star Trek: The Next Generation, TNG).

As you can see, the effect of the distortion of space-time is best suited for a science fiction movie, which is surprising.


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