Chinese quality (3 pics + text)

The man on the Mazda ran at a speed of 5 km / h with the Chinese "SUVĀ».
Here is what he wrote:

The Chinese auto industry ... That's so ... not dispersed today in the parking lot ... (((
I'm from damage - the bumper (cracked, scratched), hood (dents, scratched) + fog lamp fell off slightly (the glass unit).

And here at the brainchild of the Chinese automotive industry, under the proud name Chery Tiggo ... Kick. Twisted wheel, headlight, fender, and xs that is still there ... I feel a lot of serious hidden damage, as Now, attention, in a collision in the parking lot at a speed of 5 km / h at Cherry burst all 4 !!! alloy wheels.

So (((
Now gai, appraisers, helmets, repair ... PPC problem yourself (and others, because they have to inform the car to move now can not) amassed.

And in general, I would like to say something ... but Mr. these Chinese cars (for those who do not believe). But surprisingly ryksa (mine and all others) turned out to be strong ... Mazda Respect)


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