Refined sugar - a drug?

... Many drug called refined sugar because sugar pattern during treatment removes everything that is nutritional value, and only the net carbs - calories devoid of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes or any other elements that make up the food.

Many experts in the field of power argue that white sugar is extremely dangerous - perhaps just as dangerous as drugs, particularly in the amounts in which it upotreblinyut today.

... Dr. David Rёben, author of "Everything you always wanted to know about nutrition," writes: "White refined sugar is not a food product. It is a pure chemical element extracted from plant raw material - in fact, it is cleaner than cocaine, with whom he had much in common. The chemical name of the sugar - sucrose, and the chemical formula - C12H22O11.

It consists of 12 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms, oxygen atoms and 11 only. The chemical formula for cocaine ... - C17H21NO4. Again, the formula of sugar - C12H22O11. In fact, the only difference is that no sugar «N», an atom of nitrogen.

... If you have any doubts about the dangers of sugar (sucrose), try to eliminate it from your diet for a few weeks and see whether there is any difference! You will notice that formed a relationship and feel withdrawal symptoms.

... Studies have shown that sugar is just as much generates addictive as any drug; its use and abuse - it is our number one national disaster.

This is not surprising, given all the sugary foods that we potreblinem daily! On average, a healthy digestive system can learn from two to four teaspoons of sugar per day - usually without noticeable problems (if there is no deviation).

In addition to 12 ounces of caffeine cola contains 11 teaspoons of sugar. By drinking Coke is sugar instantly gives you energy, but only for a short time; the rise is due to the increase of the energy level of blood sugar. However, the body quickly stops the release of insulin, and blood sugar immediately reduced, resulting in a significant decline in energy and stamina.


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