Neighbor №13 / Rinjin 13-go

Neighbor №13 [2005]
Rinjin 13-go
Country: Japan
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Duration: 115 min
Directed by Yasu Inoue / Yasuo Inoue


Ёshimura Yumi / Yumi Yoshimura,
Oguri Shun / Shun Oguri,
Shido Nakamura / Shido Nakamura,
Hirofumi Arai / Hirofumi Arai,
Tomoya Ishii / Tomoya Ishii,
Minoru Matsumoto / Minoru Matsumoto

At school the boy for fun burned half his face with acid. The boy grew up, constantly suffering from its ugliness and imagining himself a beautiful and clever guy. Here he grew up, at this point we always show it in two ways (the main character played by two actors). He finally went to the roof ...


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