Vegetarian Festival in Phuket (14 photos)

Photo not for the faint of heart.
The origin of this festival very few people know.
They say, in the XIX century, driving Chinese opera troupe fell ill with malaria and here to recover, decided to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and pray nine gods of the Chinese emperor.

A miracle occurred, and the artists were cured of the deadly disease at that time, saying his recovery a great holiday. Since then, the Chinese community in the island holds for nine days in October Vegetarian Festival gala. This, of course, fireworks and a procession of people who pierce their cheeks different subjects, believing that the gods will protect them in the next year. It looks eerily like the other attractions of the festival, like walking on coals or climbing eight-ladder with steps of the blades. Along with these entertainment at the festival you can taste a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. In short, at the festival, it seems no one is boring.

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