Friday programmer in Thailand

Says the author: Hi! My name is Igor, I'm 25. I live in Thailand, Phuket. Here I work as a programmer. I'll tell you about one of my Friday. It turned out not very prominent, but nonetheless interesting. So, the programmer, its Friday September 23 in 75 photos.

1. The rise of a little earlier than usual today. Instead of the usual 9:00 clock rings at 8:30. But it is necessary for a great purpose, so I can not argue with a clock and wake up. To make it easier to engage the brain, I open my laptop and read the tape. This is a very good help in the awakening, moreover, later it will not have much time for it. While living abroad do not want to lose touch with their homeland and friends.

2. Approximately how I look in the morning. Not yet fully awake, but slept well and happy with everything.

3. Thailand has been enjoying the rainy season, so the most exciting questions in the morning is the weather: clouds or the sun? In the end, it turns out that a little cloudy, but no rain. Great weather for my plans!

4. Quickly wash, and then you can run breakfast.

5. Go out of the room, and the guys already conjure with breakfast yourself. My neighbors Katya, Sasha and Sasha's sister, Natasha, who had come to visit us. We rent a villa with three rooms, one of them come to our guests. It is very convenient because it often does not work with friends for a long time to come, and even manages to talk to them. Yes, and it is less than one problem. Today, I persuaded them to keep me company, so they too toropyatsya.Shokoladnye flakes today I finished, so breakfast is: toast with honey, tea and fruit. Delicious and satisfying.

6. After a quick breakfast, dressing and preparation. We're going to Patong, this beach which is away about 20 kilometers. Maybe a little more. Before leaving be sure to smear sunscreen on the nose, and somehow it will burn very quickly. More than anything it is not necessary to smear - skin is already accustomed to the sun. The cream always with maximum protection, all the other creams - pampering!

7. So, 9:20, and we finally packed up and leave.

8. Transport. My right side.

9. In fact, the weather is even better than I thought at first: in some cases even the sky could be seen behind the clouds.

10. The road lies on streamers with beautiful views. Along the way there are, for example, elephants.

11. These are the views are beautiful.

12. And this is the way. A little further will have to stand in traffic jams and more nervous because of the savagery of movement. In the meantime, the road is clear and good.

13. We arrived at Patong and ran to find out where exactly we need. On the beach, we immediately began to offer everything in the world. Patong - this is a very touristic place, very different from the beaches south of the island. But we usually denies all tourist pleasures.

14. Life is in full swing.

15. Learn where to go, and finally made it. Here it is, the purpose of our visit to the morning: the main surf-championship in Thailand, the stage of the Asian Championship.

16. We arrived rather late in the end, but the time is still quite a lot, you can not rush.

17. We came during the races surfers masters in the discipline shortbord. The surf competitions I am always surprised that they can carry out completely at any waves. Masters should be able to ride in all conditions. So this time the conditions were to say the least severe. Waves were rare, small, but still slammed its entirety. But who cares? Surfers ride.

18. The judges judged.

19. Spectators watch.

20. Sponsors energetically promoting.

21. Someone is waiting for its races.

22. And here to me it is the turn to be surprised. Because I suddenly recognized one of Bali's surfing instructors, with whom we went during a training surf school. Indeed, the memory did not fail me, it was a tattoo. I asked his opinion about the conditions in which must compete. He replied that he needed only to at least some waves were, and what - it does not matter. Looking ahead to say that the next day I learned that the tattoo has not passed beyond the quarterfinals. When I asked about the reasons, he replied simply: "Little Wave". Oh, this Indonesian Russian. By the way, the future winner of tattoo sitting in the discipline longboard. And all around were some prorider yes champions.

23. The contest was organized perfectly. All interested persons were taught to ride just such longboard.

24. I finally got hot, and I went for a swim. Especially since there was a pause between races.

25. The guys some time sitting, and then, too, decided to join me.

26. For those who are tired of looking at surfers were offered alternative entertainment. Shopping and various attractions (among other things, all the rides free).

27. I, too, eventually went on the rides. First I tried to knock the girl in an aquarium with foam balls.

28. dart punctured balloons.

29. But none of this happened.

30. However, it turned out that I know how to shoot. So I went back home with gifts.

31. So far, we have participated in the competitions and get home, come noon. This means that you need to rush to work, because the working day begins at 12.

32. Quickly showered, changed clothes and sat back on the bike. Fortunately, working seven minutes to go, so you can on the road is not much hurry. I arrived not the first nor the last. Great.

33. The number of people in the office can determine not only the parking lot but also slippers inlet.

34. Workplaces. Generally in Phuket quite a lot of freelancers who work remotely, but our office is here

35. On the sea at this time of low tide.

36. The office is already hard at work.

37. Someone managed to take a dip in the pool and dry their belongings.

38. We have recently launched a contest in which participants compete sent bows. Now we are constantly shoot bows to each other. So I naschelkat directors just returned from Hong-Kong.

39. At home I did not have time to eat, so quickly have a snack at work. Fortunately, the day before I left croissant. He and a glass of water - my lunch today.

40. Costa had to do business photo for publication in a magazine. So we has organized an impromptu photo shoot.

41. Business photo shoot does not mean that Kostya put on a business suit.

42. All preparatory works have done, and I went to work until dinner. Lunch at four.

43. This afternoon I remember. We used to go to a number of restaurants (of which there are actually countless). So this time we came to a familiar place for us, where we were always tasty and inexpensive fed. But this time it was tasteless and very long. Highly! Someone had brought lunch.

44. And my "lunch" still looked like.

45. An hour later, I brought about a second dish and said that they have forgotten that I ordered soup and more. I was angry, short. Truth is not an accidental negligence. Behind her is the real human passions. The fact that most of the restaurants - it's just a family business. So, the owners of this restaurant have recently parted and the hostess went to Bangkok. A one owner can not cope without it. So I quickly stopped being angry and felt sorry for the owner. But the desire to go there I have lost.

46. ​​As a result, I have not had enough and decided to buy the land to work. To do this, I went to the store. Such are parking at the major stores.

47. And so here are selling the land. One piece - 10 rubles. You can overeat!

48. The woman put me in a bag sushi sauce, wasabi and chopsticks - you can go back to work.

49. The best time to work - at sunset. You can lie down on the terrace and admire the views. It is not hot, and still light.

50. The working day ended at 21, and we decided to go with Andrew in the pool bar on the way home.

51. The ladies at the bar trim. Work.

52. A pair of games are played, and I finally got home.

53. From the window at me looked tempting pool, and I decided to take a dip. Moreover, while I photographed her phone and forgot to turn on the fan, you know. It's hot, in general, has become.

54. Swim!

55. Sasha decided to join me.

56. nakupalis. Just working mood is over and it became clear that began Friday night! Time near 23.

57. We decided to go to Patong again, show Natasha nightlife of the island. The bike ride there I zarёksya, so we caught a taxi for 500 rubles to get there. Here is the tourist places at night.

58. We were joined by colleagues Valia and Natasha, and together we went to the club Famous, on the roof of the shopping center. This seems to be the most pleasant place at night in Patong.

59. Swimming pool with bathers in secret, good sound, inexpensive alcohol, dancing, faershou, the sea breeze, beautiful views from the roof.

60. Girls like.

61. We natantsevalis, lay down on the beds before the pool, lit hookah and a mood became relaxed.

After that we went for a walk on Patong, lie on the beach and looked up at the night sea and the stars went into a cafe to eat. The boys drank coffee. Then we caught a tuk-tuk for 350 rubles and reached the house. Here we do not even too late, about four-thirty I read the tape on the internet and went to sleep. I woke up on Saturday at 9 am and went surfing. But that's another day and another story.


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