Interesting facts about Thailand

In the Thai language, the expression "boom-boom" is an offer to make love.

In 1913, the country has implemented such a thing as a "surname." To do this, the Thais only used the name.

Before the Second world war in Thailand always greeted with the phrase "have You eaten?". After the war came the greeting "sawatdee".

Did you know that the word is Bangkok (the capital and largest city of Thailand) in Thai means "city of angels, great city with the treasure, the impregnable abode of God Indra, the Magnificent capital of the world endowed with 9 jewels, the city of happiness, the great and the magnificent Royal Palace of the Kingdom of God reincarnated, the gift of Indra and the structure Vishvakarman". This name is officially entered in the Guinness Book of records!
Thailand has a mandatory military conscription for all adult males. However, this does not apply to so-called "Kato" (transsexuals). This item of legislation enjoys a huge number of Thais.

Throughout history, Thailand has never been colonized by European States.

Miang Boran or Ancient city is the world's largest Museum under the open sky.

Thailand is the Kingdom and the king is here something more than the Governor of the state. According to the law the king is the patron of all religions in the country, but he should be only Buddhist.

Thais believe in the Holy soul that is in each and is located in the human head. That is why it is impossible to touch my head and even more to touch someone's head.

Throughout Thailand there are more than 32.5 thousand Buddhist temples, which is home to around 375 thousand monks.

Thais are among the most religious peoples of Asia. Here, almost 95% of the population professes Buddhism, more than 4% Islam, 1% β€” Catholicism.

In Thailand one of the most revered animals is a white elephant. This animal is also a symbol of prosperity and well-being, and the honorable Thailand is called "the land of the white elephant".

Amazing fact: the King of Thailand is a U.S. citizen and ruled the country for so long that it even made the Guinness Book of records.

For insulting the family of the monarch, you can go to jail.

In Thailand there is no such words and concepts as "famine".

Rice originated in Thailand, another 4 thousand years BC At the moment, the country ranks first in the world in terms of exports.

The Thai alphabet is one of the longest in the world! In total, there are 72 letters (8 is not included in the alphabet). In the first place is the Khmer alphabet.

The majority of Thailand's population travels to various transport: tuk-tuks (motorcycles) and cars to a makeshift carts.

Walking drunk through the streets of Thailand is not accepted. Even a little drunk should behave quietly and not make a row. Tourists say that Thais "by degrees" usually just sit and smile. Perhaps that is why Thailand is called "land of smiles".

Men and woman are not allowed to go uncovered torso. If a police officer sees You like this, you will be given a ticket and may even prescribe cuffs. It is interesting to know that a police officer has greater rights and is a very respected man.

Thailand lives by its own calendar: now is the year 2558.

The Vietnam war made Thailand the main tourist center of the region. The fact that there were US military bases and places to stay military. It was in those days Pattaya was awarded the title "sex capital."


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