6 names that you would not have to call your child

In all countries, there are traditional names, such as Anna, Mary, Emily, Catherine, Ivan, Peter, John, Robert, and so on. But along with this, there are very different, "non-standard" names.

Baby because you can call any name, right? If only like mom and dad, right? If you want, what would your child from childhood has been the subject of universal ridicule, pick for him any name from the list below.

1. Batman

One of the most ingenious nations in inventing names for their children considered Venezuelans. According to the Government, they are a little too creative. Perhaps that is why, in September 2007, after a case of registration of children with the names of Superman and Batman, are widely spread among Venezuelans thanks to movies and television, the government issued a special document, which strongly recommended the use of more traditional Spanish names of the special list in 100 points. These simple names like Juanita and Miguel should beguile happy parents, and then began to appear names like Eisenhower and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, Venezuela reported at least 60 people, bearing the name of Hitler.

2. Sunglasses

In June 2001, in South Africa there was a total solar eclipse. The good use of local TV stations and print media carried the company on general education of the local population in the field of astronomy, the main purpose of which was to warn of the dangers of looking at the sun without special glasses. The company, which is amazing, worked, though in a somewhat unexpected direction. Oh, very much like the local people new and interesting words, and the country became increasingly register the children with names like Eclipse Glasses Banda (Goggles Banda), Totality Zhou (Zhou total eclipse) or Annular Mchombo (Ring Mhombo).

3. Born naked

When Napoleon in 1810 captured the Netherlands, he ordered all residents to take him names, as was done in France a decade earlier. All this time, the Dutch got along well, and therefore only the names were not eager to carry out this order. As a covert form of protest they began to choose their own brand names absurd, you could say "from the ceiling." So there were the names Naaktgeboren (born naked), Spring int Veld (bouncing into the field) and Piest (urine). As is usually the case, temporary became permanent, and modern inhabitants of these lands are seriously some of these names.

4. Vladimir Ashkenazy

Icelanders are choosing a name very seriously. The government does not allow anyone, not even to immigrants, to take or retain a foreign surname. What happened when esteemed Russian maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy asked for citizenship of this country? The country's authorities have decided to make an exception. Now Vladimir Ashkenazy - one of the officially approved names in Iceland.

5. Yazid

Imam Husain ibn Ali - one of the most respected figures in Shiite Islam. In the 7th century BC He was beheaded on the orders of the Sunni caliph Yazid, which led to a split of the then Islamic world. After that, the name of Yazid became very popular among Sunnis and totally unacceptable among Shiites. It's like a Russian child to name the name of Hitler.

6. Adolf

The memory of the horrors of the Second World War for a long time fought off the desire to have parents from different countries to call their children names Adolf Hitler or. However, one "lucky" was the same name. He was the nephew of the dictator - son William Patrick Hitler, who emigrated to the US in the 30s of the last century as a protest against the actions of his infamous relative. Despite his conviction, change the name, he did not, so that four of his son wear the name of Hitler, including Alexander Adolf Hitler, who is now 57 years old. All four were given a sort of vow not to have children, to the dictator's family tree was broken.


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