The special operation in Vladivostok (18 photos)

Probably all heard already? Attention! Tin!

For about 2 weeks before a few oddballs in masks with guns broke into the apartment with Chinese businessmen, to shoot there, they took a suitcase of money. One Chinese killed, two seriously injured. Early this morning, at 7 o'clock, the whole gang began to take theirs at the same time in different locations.
Nine have no problems, and at this location three mountaineers "armed resistance," one cop was wounded in the knee. Then the house surrounded, invited a special squad of soldiers, 3 times megaphone offered crooks dolpaepam-surrender (by this time they had already zabarikadirovalis specifically).
After that, we start working sniper from the roof and the front of the soldiers from the roof of this house. Bandits from time to time were shot with pistols and submachine guns.
After finally flat tan, bandits jumped out to the balcony and shoot well in all directions shouting "alahakbar." Then sobrovtsy vicious thugs killed poor: first, wounding all three of them fell to the floor balcony and then one soldier leaned over the roof and a pistol finished off all three.
The apartment burned another 20 minutes, then extinguished.


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