Illegal ascent of the world's largest

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The bridge on the Russian island - the purpose of my summer trip in 2012. A dream that seemed impossible, and hope that was justified.

I wanted to publish this post the second in July, the anniversary of the start of the year journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, but the circumstances were different, and the long-awaited pictures and the story of two of the most interesting places of Vladivostok, I spread a month earlier than expected.
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Russian Bridge - cable-stayed bridge in Vladivostok, which connects the peninsula with the Cape Novosilsky Nazimov on the island of Russian. It has the world's largest cable-stayed bridges among span, length 1104 meters, and the first height pylons - 324 m. 324 m - is only 10 meters below the lookout Ostankino television tower in Moscow.

In Vladivostok, a long time we could not get to the bridge across the Golden Horn. Twice we came to him at night through the city and went perfectly with nothing. And now, the last day of shooting trip, time to go home to watch the goal. The highest cable-stayed bridge in the world! To reach it was not easy! We drove a few hours, and even managed to get lost a bit, but after a moment of indignation, finally arrived at his foot, so he would seem to need is something to pass, but no! But I stepped over the line, gentlemen ran the police and immediately escorted to the bridge. Stop and walk on it is strictly prohibited.


We had to detour through the village nearby. There are only a few houses, but they are inhabited. Huge hills, slippery, next to the ocean and the huge bridge ... A few hours we bypassed the village trying to come to the pylon from the bottom ... choose the most close to the bridge, it became clear that you can only get through the checkpoint where the calls in construction machinery and are working. Little rested and assessing the situation, our confidence was suppressed, but hope lived at the expense of open door in the pylon. We had only to pass about a dozen security guards and the workers do not get caught.

Successfully passing the checkpoint, we safely reached the pylons. We had to wait for some time that to make sure that we do not attract attention by the place back, we began to wait. At the door, went in and out of the pylon workers, and the guard was playing phone. Five or six booths, but in the form of only two people who are engaged in some business. Around full of workers. We share them to the white and orange hard hat. In the white managers usually work, so wait until the majority of them will go into the van may drink tea.

So we sat for almost half, or even two hours. Finally convinced that we have not noticed even people from a passing car back and forth, it became clear that all the shit all busy.
Time to go.

After leaving the shelter without any problem, we entered the territory. Before the door of 100-150 meters. Heart just took off with excitement, because either we'll go right now, or have to do something. Step one. We pass by the guard carried away by mobile phone, takes on the construction waste to the door ... and we're inside, we can only go up to 324 meters up the stairs. After rising for several spans up to a meeting across workers who greeted politely and laugh at us warning that after half an hour to start painting works, but we assure them that everything is under control and go upstairs.


As soon as possible we will climb up into the pylons terribly hot, and with no water, no nothing but the goal to go up. And now, after 324 meters we see the light, the light above our heads! This is it, the end. That for which we have traveled in the 10.000km! It remains to make just a couple of runs, just one flight and we are at the top. At the top of the world's highest suspension bridge.

Bridge above the clouds! Huge seems unreal bridge! Beautiful view of the ocean and a circle. I do not believe it, it's a great feeling when you want to scream with delight, I want to embrace the working holidaymakers, but you can not. Everything you need to keep in yourself, otherwise you may suspect. Maximum seriousness on his face and a couple of questions work pretending that we're here on business. As soon as possible to take one, two, three shots, here they are, here they megobayty for which it had done 10.000km. And all 20 minutes of pleasure and 324 meters high, 5 minutes again ran up the stairs ...

They say, the photographer takes an average of 2-3 masterpiece a year. This frame - my masterpiece for the year 2012.




07 The city is almost not visible




A little more and it would have nothing to shoot, in 15 minutes after I took this shot everything sucked clouds.




We decided to go back through the second output, and it was a big mistake.


It looks like the inside of the bridge pylon. Freight elevator and stairs.

Somewhere in the middle of the recognized us strangers. It was necessary immediately to do something, go through the foot or to go to the track. I do not know which option is correct, but we went on the road, where they were caught by a police officer, but after 30 minutes we were safely released and wished good luck.

Another cool place in Vladivostok is a power transmission line (110m), which is located on a small island.








An amazing and very beautiful place.






I do not like fire escapes that are bent, stagger or creak, so sometimes it seems to me that the climb to the transmission line was more difficult than the bridge :)


Top offers a great view of the city.


The photo is seen the bridge across the Golden Horn, and several areas of the city, including Central.




. A little further you can see the bridge on the Russian island.






My fearless comrade nazarov_msk takes the shot down




The road to power lines.


At the end of the first part of polazkah Vladivostok. Ahead of the review of the city as dominant, and on behalf of the ordinary tourist.


Most likely to get on the bridge across the Golden Horn was unable to because of the opening of the bridge for pedestrians 12th




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