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In Myanmar, Mon State on a mountaintop Chaykto there is such a pilgrimage shrine, which is about 2, 5 thousand years old, and her name Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. This is a huge boulder covered with gold leaf, height of about 5, 5 meters is on top of a granite stone, and in some mysterious way, contrary to the laws of gravity, it is held at the end, and does not fall into the abyss.

According to legend, one just dedicated hermit monk from the Buddha himself was a strand of hair. Hermit for a long time with her not to leave, as she carried the vibration of Nirvana. He was looking for a long time, which would hide the shrine and found the boulder, which reminded him of the Buddha's head. Monks built a small pagoda on the stone, and there hid hair. Tradition says that this hair is holding a stone. For several centuries, the boulder does not change its position.
By the way, women are not allowed to Pagoda closer than 10 meters.


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