Laws and reasons

1. In Thailand, you can not step on the banknotes - coins and notes. It is forbidden because of the fact that all banknotes depicts the image of the king. The King of Thailand - a very esteemed person and stepping on his image, not only can you go to jail and be beaten angry crowd.

2. Singapore has banned the sale of chewing gum. And just to chew it can be (it is allowed for medical purposes in 2003), but if you decided to get her past the boxes, or stick, for example, on a wall, you risk to pay a fine equivalent to US $ 1,000, while recurrent relapses - up to $ 2,000 . This issue was resolved at the state level after the epidemic swept the country cud, when the doors, elevator buttons, subway cars and walls were caked with porches everywhere chewing gum. In the photo shown in the title-shirt with a poster describing the possible penalties for different ways to pollution of the city, including chewing gum.

3. In the UK when buying a TV you have to buy a license. Payment for it goes to the state treasury for the development of state TV channels BBC1 and BBC2, which is not advertising - in fact, viewers pay TV channels for the lack of advertising ... This practice applies in some other countries, such as Norway.

4. All the British over 14 years old are required to spend 2 hours learning archery under the supervision of the local priest. This custom comes from history, when England had no regular army, and all the members of the nobility were obliged to provide a certain number of knights, archers and soldiers. The Church at that time was only a bureaucratic body, so it has been used and is used to monitor the implementation of this law.

5. In England, it is forbidden to leave luggage unattended, for it is possible to go to jail. The reason is simple - the danger of terrorist attacks.

6. Australia is forbidden to approach the dead whale closer than 100 meters. The law was passed after the cases of shark attacks on tourists approach the edge of the sea near the carcass of a dead whale, and the injuries caused by the whale, it turns out alive. Previously, the law regulate such behavior regarding living whales beached now away from sin and decided to ban the approach to the dead whales.

7. In Denmark and Germany can not wear a mask. This is done in order to make it easier to police to identify people on the street demonstrations. Hooray democracy!

8. In Denmark the same for every plastic bottle levied tax, which is returned when the containers For commercial institution. The reason - concern about the environment. And we have in this whole business is built bums ...

9. Israel has banned breeding Rottweilers. Such a law was adopted after the two girls were killed the dogs of this breed.

10. Arizona is forbidden to hunt camels. This government has shown concern after the military had conducted experiments with these animals, after the camels were simply abandoned. Now they are protected.

11. In California banned baths, as a hotbed of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Sick people ...

12. I want to Hawaii - there banned billboards or large billboards. This is done with concern for the tourists that do not close the beautiful mountain views, sunsets, and other amenities.

As you can see, some laws are not such fools, upon closer inspection, they have meaning. What matters is that these laws are implemented.


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