Royal cheesecake.

Turn the oven temperature to
180 degrees. Let heated, because the preparation of the cake takes too much time.
For that I really appreciate it!
Ingredients for the base:
 - 500 grams of cottage cheese,
 - 4 raw eggs,
 - 2/3 cup sugar.


Egg and sugar with a mixer to whisk (fork)
This also add cheese.
Stir. Everything. The basis for the cake is ready !!!

Now take a piece of butter and flour.
In this case, the oil I took 60 grams, and hand (fingers) begin to knead it into flour.
Add flour gradually and slowly as long as the weight will not crumble between your fingers, like salt.
We call it the "crumbs". That baby is ready.

Pour half the crumbs evenly over the bottom of the form.
On crumb pour the curd mass.
And sprinkle the remaining crumbs.
Put in the oven.
30-40 minutes later, when there will be a funky smell and the cake will rise, browned, the cake is ready.
It may sag during cooling. Do not worry! When narezhet pie will remain handsome
and just as delicious as expected!

Enjoy your meal.


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