Triple symbolism

An interesting exhibition is held in St. Petersburg. This exhibition model of the monument. Very, very native Russians and us. This monument bribe. And not just so, and motives vechnozhivogo expression of "Inspector". Well, there's about greyhounds puppies. Therefore view, respectively. The exhibition runs until the end of May, and puppy-winner will show off in one of the squares of St. Petersburg.
Oh, and about the symbolism. The first - is that this action is carried out in St. Petersburg. Stronghold of the case itself and the country in the past and the present in Putin. The second character - himself a puppy. And the third. The competition involved 404 works. Let us hope that the last paragraph will not prevent to find the winner.
There are, however, the jury is quite curious. Besides quite understandable director of the Center for Contemporary Art and the head of contemporary art at the Russian Museum (and this turns out to have) is present in this case Ksenia Sobchak. On the one hand, as an expert on the artistic value is a specialist rather doubtful. But on the other hand, as regards bribes ... Maybe it really would be correct.
In general, we hope that the topic of bribery because of this contest will be revealed.


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