Irregular creation

Somehow years old that way four years ago a young lady named Kimberly with the usual name of the Belgian Vlamnik ordered a tattoo. Nothing special. At present - it is quite a common phenomenon. Except that a tattoo was made on the face. In the amount of fifty-six. That they were supposed to symbolize, history is silent. However, the maestro Tumanyants accepted the order and it was performed exactly.
After eighteen Kimberly Pope saw his zazvezdilsya child, it almost had Kondraty. Was conducted ekspess-inquiry, which resulted in a sudden it turned out that the girl ordered only three stars, but the master, because of ignorance of foreign languages, made the fatal arithmetic error. A logged-in to stop working trance master she could not fall asleep because during the procedure. And solder Belgian national action Saransk citizen as much as twelve thousand euros. Here, of course, the investigation, the question arises - for what purpose such an ambiguous order his pleasure so far away from home and in the absence of an elementary understanding, and even sleep with it. Which subsequently confirmed - she feared for elementary mental health Papic and his fifth point
However, Ruslan Tumanyants seems extraordinary master of his craft. Recently, another client ordered him painting the entire face after a day exploring. On the gentle face was coated with a Latin name of the master in the gothic style.
Let's hope that the chosen Ruslan more peaceful father. And to the very girl not applicable "Heart of beauty tends to change and change?". And that in fact there is a place no longer exists.


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