Group China (photo + text)

I apologize for my inadequacy, but I'm killing myself stool and crying.
Introducing the new superfood mega-genius Emo project Maxim Fadeev, a man who gave the world Katya Lel, glucose, Silver, Linda, and other masterpieces. Meet - Group China (KITA-I)! No, it is China, not Tokyo, as many might think, looking at the photos.

Sim project, as I understand it, we as EB want to show that in Russia, they say, not only has a pop, and no, we did not buy, no, we do not recruit solely by lovely mordashek. Children themselves come to us, we accept them with open arms and friendly just untwist. Kindness. The game is good because. And as BE is really just a very friendly guys who write their own music in the classroom, and then rehearsing in garages and perform in small clubs. It never students of elite schools, which are instruments of any ever seen. And the singer, by the way, quite by accident appeared like two drops of water like Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, for which squeak and drool all the girls of the planet.
Seriously, yes, the whole absurdity of the whole of laughter in it. Not in the appearance of the children not in texts and in music. Do not laugh at it - and over so frankly pathetic ways to put together a more bucks. By the way, I think the producers broken off - Emo kind in Russia is no longer a fashionable movement a year ago :)


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