In Moscow car exploded (5 photos)

Presumably, in a car bomb exploded. Blow up the car, and the car standing nearby, were burned. At the time of the explosion the car moved on leaving the district.

In an interview with one of the witnesses told "Odintsovo-INFO" managed to find out some of the details of what happened.

"I also witnessed this, and I can say that immediately after the explosion of flame was not, there was a fire in a minute or two, and then quickly take the next car - said an eyewitness. - I had to quickly drive away his car, which was contrary to explode. All my car was smeared molten plastic. Then a few men tried to pull the rope out of the fire just to be near "Opel". Thank God helped a heroic jeep who were not afraid to approach the already began to break machines. Firefighters arrived pretty quickly, but also difficult to wade ».


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