Analysis of Women

Element: Woman
Symbol: wo
Opened: Adam
Atomic mass: the average is considered to be 53, 6 kg may kolafigetsya from 40 to 200 kg.
Location: in large quantities in all densely populated areas
Physical properties:
• surface is usually covered with colored film

• boiling point is not set, it freezes without any known cause

• ignited by misuse

Chemical properties:

• perfectly attracts gold, silver and a variety of

kinds of precious stones

• absorbs a large amount of the threshold materials

• sponntanno can explode without any warning and without any reason

• does not dissolve in the fluids, but its activity increases when saturated alcohol

• Of all the elements known to man best interacts with money

Standard use:

• Decorative best in the sports car

• can be a good adjunct to rest

• extremely effective cleaner


• pure sample in the normal state is usually pink

• near a high-quality sample color changes to green


• in inexperienced hands can be extremely dangerous

• possession of more than one sample is illegal, but at the same time you can manage multiple samples if they are in different places and direct contact between them is not possible


prolonged exposure to this element is dangerous to health!


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