Abramovich's new yacht (6 photos)

I'll start with platitudes - Roma crisis to the one place)
And now I will tell you about a new boat of our most famous oligarch.
It is the largest and most expensive yacht in the world. It cost 340 million euros.
About any spa on board makes no sense to tell it so clearly.
But about two helipads, a mini-pier for boats and smaller pro mini submarine on board I will mention)
The submarine can dive to 50 meters.
Pirates can not lick. All yacht bulletproof. On board is worth an early warning system about the rocket attacks.
This mini-missile defense. After warning the team has time to try to get away from the rocket.
11 cabins on the yacht.
And the most important thing. Its contents will cost the former governor of Chukotka 30 million euros a year!


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