About Egypt (24 pics + text)

Pyramids of Giza, located near Cairo. Pyramids are the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, has survived to the present day. In addition, they entered the list of the new seven wonders of the world, created in 2008.

Sphinx of Giza - being a huge figure with the body of a lion and a human head is located on the west bank of the Nile near Cairo. The photograph in the background we see the pyramid of Khufu. Great Sphinx - this is the biggest stone statue on the ground. It is believed that it was created by the ancient Egyptians in the third millennium BC, roughly between 2520 and 2494 years. BC (Cris Bouroncle / AFP - Getty Images)

Cairo attractions - the ensemble of the mosque and madrasah of Sultan Hassan. The mosque was built between 1356 and 1363 years. BC during the reign of the Mamluks. It is believed that the stones for its construction were taken from one of the great pyramids of Giza. (Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images)

Golfer playing on the golf course in hotel «Oberoi House» overlooking the Pyramids of Giza. (Gardel Bertrand / Hemis.fr)

In the Red Sea is home to more than a thousand species of invertebrates and 200 species of different corals, in addition, it is the northernmost tropical sea. Red Sea - a popular place for divers and swimmers snorkeling. (Chicurel Arnaud / Hemis.fr)

Tourists relax on the terrace outside the King of the Kingdom of Bahrain (King of Barhein Kingdom street). It is considered the main street of Sharm El Sheikh. (Eric Feferberg / AFP - Getty Images)


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