Yandex office (39 photos)

In the red-brick building on Samokatnaya street where in the nineteenth century was a factory, with the year 2005 is located office portal Yandex.

It is necessary to turn off the waterfront Yauza - immediately clear where is Yandex. The entrance to the car park is guarded by two painted life-size horse.

Near the entrance to the building itself - Bicycle parking. Day there was sunny, but there could not catch a single bike. By the way, Yandex is no tradition of work from start to finish. There is a "recommended time" when it is better to attend - from noon to six hours.

One of the distinguishing marks office - the reception desk in the form of a search string. Above it on the wall of the projected picture "family archives" Yandex and some portal services - congestion, weather, as well as queries that users are doing at the moment. Funny things sometimes come across.


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