Taxis without driver

Who said that a taxi driver have to be? At London's Heathrow Airport, for example, there was a taxi, which copes without human management. Taxi drivers - it's a dual phenomenon. On the one hand, they are sometimes interesting to talk on the road, on the other hand, sometimes they are too obtrusive or, in general, do not know the road. Here at Heathrow Airport, in London, apparently weighing the "pros" and "cons" of taxi drivers as such, we decided to give them up. Of course, these will be taken quadruple taxi arrived at Heathrow passengers anywhere in the city. They will act only on the territory of the airport, the connection between terminals, parking and other facilities of airport complex. The passenger can only sit in this cab, indicate on the touch screen where it wants to go, and the taxi itself will take him there and, of course, without tipping. Cash terminal, standing in the taxi will charge your card only as much money as you need, and a penny more.


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