Patterns Wildlife

Beautiful patterns created by Mother Nature.

1. Scales helps protect the lizard from the harsh weather and predators. The marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) - the unique species found in the Galapagos Islands. Despite its scaly covering, individuals of this species are still threatened with extinction because of the rats, feral cats and dogs that eat iguana eggs and their young. (Gina Martin)

2. Grfignya Victoria Crowned Pigeon (Goura victoria) creates a whole bunch of gray and white. Discovered in tropical regions and relevant to the dodo, Crowned Pigeon has grfignya white feathers. Males usually display their feather hair, to attract females. (Tim Laman)

3. Imprinted off the coast of Borneo, this skarovaya fish had armor of iridescent green scales. The evolutionary link between feathers and scales seen in the development of bird embryos, which are covered with cells placode. Some of these cells grow into scales, such as the one that covers the legs of chicken, while the remaining are converted into feathers. (Tim Laman)


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