Funny photos of wild nature: 20 finalists!

We are all accustomed to a stunningly beautiful wildlife photographs from renowned photographers from around the world. These images we see a graceful and majestic animals in their native habitat. But have you ever wondered what behind the scenes? Apparently, wildlife photographer Paul Joyson-Hicks thought. And organized the world's first fun photo contest. The website presents the winners of the award "the Most funny photos of wild nature"!

Honey bee

Photo source: Bigpicture.getapikey

Mouse field

Bald eagle

Very happy with a white owl




Frog posing

Giraffe at the watering

Protein Canada

Monkey sculpts snow

The happiest fish in the world

Horse shakes his head

Eastern Chipmunk storing food

Family protein

Yawning lion

Seal waving at the camera

Just a normal day for kangaroos

Four birds paces on the road like they own it

The frog and the Chipmunk



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