In Russia want to create an unmanned flying car

The Foundation for advanced studies has launched a contest to create a flying car concept. Requirements: capacity 100-1000 kg, the ability to take off vertically from a platform no larger than 50×50 m and a ban on construction with single main rotor. The winner will be allocated 3 million rubles for the development of the preliminary design.The machine must be unmanned and intended for the carriage of passengers and cargo. Perhaps the use during rescue and military operations. The device of the UAV would enable it to work in areas where there is no airstrip or road infrastructure. The device should be able to move under remote control, and Autonomous on the previously specified places.

The contest organizers noted that for simplicity the control device must be comparable with the car. So it is quite suitable for the name "flying car". Created for a contest demonstrator should help to evaluate "the possibility of moving small aircraft on the availability and prevalence of road transport," write the organizers. Also on the basis of this demonstrator will be made tests for experimental confirmation of the possibility of such apparatus. I wonder if you know whether the organizers of the contest of Russian companies Hoversurf? She already managed to sell the idea of a flying transport. Its the world's first drone took to the air person.

Until March 3, will continue to collect applications. May 5, 2017 will be summed up competition. The winner will be offered a one-year contract worth 3 million rubles. The amount should be spent on preparation of the preliminary design. In the first stage of the competition can be decided on the launch in 2018-2020.

The organizers hope that the winner will not be alone. In comments to the TASS project Manager of the competition Yan Lapwings reported that DCF relies on a select number of finalists, each of which will take its place.

Recently, the US army tested the truck hoverbayk. Its capacity should reach 350 kg. In the world of transportation also known oktokopter Griff, the current model which lifts 200 kg. Airbus has promised a prototype of a flying car by the end of the year. Passenger and unmanned drone from the Israeli Urban Aeronautics will go on sale by 2020. published

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