Fighting the flu masks

About masks show writes galimsky
Do not be a moron not wearing masks on the streets and in the subway!
Good people, I speak as a physician epidemiologist from wearing masks on the streets and in the subway is not good, but harm.
Why: the mask is not designed for wearing during exercise (a brisk walk down the street)
 - Wear a mask when you are experiencing hypoxia and accelerated (enhanced) breathing - the air, deforming the mask slips at the edges.
Then, going into the room, where there are people and can really catch you for a while and continue to breathe instead of a nose - mouth through the gap.
As a result, you are instead of influenza and nasopharyngitis tracheitis get pneumonia - because the virus will slip the upper respiratory tract.
A primary influenza pneumonia - a large percentage of cases, in contrast to the deadly inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

People do not be a moron - not grobte itself, it is not funny.


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