Epidemic! In Ukraine, rampant swine flu (23 pics)

More than 185,000 people fell ill and 50 people have died from the flu in Ukraine, reported the Ministry of Health. Russian border guards are trying not to miss the flu in Russia, the Bryansk checkpoints delivered around the clock quarantine posts, checked all cars and trains. Border guards in order to avoid contamination, work in gauze bandages and rubber gloves.

Due to the sharp deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the Ukraine entered the highest, third level of the threat of disease, canceled all public events, stopped conscription, schools dismissed for the holidays. In nine of the region quarantined. Most of the victims in the western regions of the country. In the Lviv region 70 thousand people suffer from the bottom of at least 7,000 - Influenza. highest incidence recorded in the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions. President Viktor Yushchenko appealed to the countries of the world to help Ukraine in the fight against a dangerous disease.
300,000 doses of a drug recommended by the WHO for the treatment of "swine flu" will give the night from Sunday to Monday, November 2 Ukraine Switzerland. Slovakia is ready to provide 200,000 medical gauze masks, and Hungary will give 10,000 doses of vaccine for preventive vaccination against viral infection. Humanitarian cargoes arrive from Poland and Romania.


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