Nightclubs for fat people became new hit US

Here are overweight not only condemned, and welcome ...

California nightclubs Club Bounce and The Butterfly Lounge opened its doors to people who may not feel comfortable in other fashion institutions of the state because of their weight.

Such places still new and can be counted on the fingers, but their popularity is high.

Club Bounce seats about 400 people and every night he scored.

Although men and women on the dance floor roughly equal numbers, only half the men can be called "full».

Mistress of Club Bounce, Lisa Marie Garbo, said that the idea of ​​opening such a club came to her when she realized that simply tired of being "the only chubby girl on the dance floor».

"I'm not advocating overweight - says Garbo - I'm just trying to convey to people that need to live happily with any weight and to love ourselves as we are».

Its visitors claim that they are incredibly like the fact that no one stares at them and you can dance without fear of oblique views.


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