In the safari zoo tigers are very smart (5 photos)

32-year-old engineer Holden with his wife - a teacher Candice and their two year old daughter on vacation went to the safari zoo to see the tigers ...

Watching them out of the car, knowing that they are safe looking at the white tiger that looked walked around and looked at the car window.
His photographed, showing my daughter, when the tiger went to the door and took the handle of the teeth ...

... And then pulled her over ...

... And opened!
For a few seconds, all frozen.
Beast, apparently, from the abundance and proximity of food and family - horror.

But Holden himself and pressed the gas pedal.
Tiger pursued them to the gates, hoping to close for lunch, but the guard at the gate (hunting inspector) drove the tiger.
And the Tigers could only see off hungrily skulking car ...


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