Manage your dreams.

Rule 1. Do not go with the flow. Manage your life, not taking unreservedly all that it appears, put into question some aspects. Unfortunately, many people live as necessary, without running almost nothing. Thus, to reach their full potential, it is necessary first of all to take responsibility for their own lives. I must say "yes" to yourself and begin to manage their own dreams and desires. You are required to become what you can be.

RULE 2. Love what you do and do what you love. There is always a connection between passion and talent. To reveal it in yourself, you just have to take the risk and take the first step. Every one of us knows many examples of people in search of a better life often change jobs, move into more profitable industry. But the real success comes to them when they start doing things you love.

RULE 3. Believe in yourself. Everyone can manage his dream, even if no one believes in his success. However, this is unlikely to succeed if you do not believe your success yourself.
Many bettors with each other to greater motivation, but the most effective deal - a deal with his own conscience. When you feel that your dream belongs only to you, the confidence in their own capabilities outweighs the fear.

RULE 4. Never compare yourself and your dream with others. There is a very good statement about success: "Success - is when you do the maximum possible in its place, whatever you're doing.".
You can not allow anyone to drive themselves to the standards, as one can not live someone else's dream.

RULE 5. Believe in your dream, even if everyone is against you. We sincerely believe that every person is sent to the planet with some mission, and as long as you play it, success will relentlessly follow you.
If you have a dream, but you do not do anything for its implementation, the reason for this is necessary in the first place to look for in yourself. Or is someone else's dream or you still have not made it truly their own.


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