Football in the blind (30 photos)

They do not see, but hear very well. Therefore, do not play the conventional ball and "rattle" - ball sound system built with balls and players determine its location by the sound. The ball is heavy and almost no rebounds. Previously, these balls are made only in Brazil and pricey. Now they have established production in Russia. And not just anywhere, but in the "Vladimir Central" (FPS №2 Vladimir region).

The match is carried out in two periods of 25 minutes, with substitutions during the game. The team on the field five people: four players and a goalkeeper. Form usual, except for one detail - blindfold. In fact, there is not only a bandage - before the game all eyes glued special stickers to all players with varying degrees of blindness to put on an equal footing. The dressing also protects against injuries during the game.

In addition players in the game and take part in the so-called coach "Guide" - usually it is behind the opponent's goal and "suggests" players of his team at the target, directs their actions. It helps players and a goalkeeper - he rules sighted or partially sighted.

Judged match two judges (on the field yesterday was our Spaniard). They watch the game, players are fined "fouls" and help them in the game, there are occasions when the ball stops and the players lose it. The judge then runs up to him and begins to tap the shoe soles on the ball to his "heard».

Along the field installed soft bumpers - they play the role of stopper space, help players carry the ball, there arise the most active confrontation.

There are almost no perepasovki, long passes, Tackle. Players use personal skill in dribbling, driving the ball down the field in short strikes, constantly monitoring and trying to focus on the field, following the instructions of the coach and the "guide". The most amazing thing when a player scores a blind sighted goalkeeper. How should you feel the space to strike the right you invisible ball and get to the gates of the invisible - the mind boggles.

Zeroing on the training. Goalkeeper at this time directs the player's voice and knocks his hand on the bar, determining the size of the gate (see. Video at the end of recording).

They play on the same team, but never saw each other. In the center - the 11th number, Andrei Kovalev.

The opening ceremony with speeches of officials and orchestra.


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