The biggest German motorcycle Gunbus (6 photos)

The new record - Clemens Leonhardt (Clemens Leonhardt). He built a very large motorcycle. This is not motobolshelan, ie normal bike mounted on giant wheels and custom motorcycle that has a great everything, all the details of any of nowhere.
This megabayk equipped with a 2-cylinder V-engine, which is created by the author personally motorcycle. Volume of the motor - neither more nor less 6, 72 liters. Maximum power - 350 hp Total at 2800 rpm. The weight - 650 kg. This bulldozer!

The outer diameter of the tire - 42 inches. Exhaust pipe diameter - 70mm. Steering wheel height - 1, 5 meters. Cost - 250 thousand euros. It is at this price design engineer intends to sell his bike, which plans to produce in limited quantities.
Cvoe brainchild of Clemens called "Gunbusom» (Gunbus). The most amazing thing is that this giant can even ride. However, very carefully, because the bike supercarrier, rulitsya extremely difficult, especially as the steering wheel is very high, and if it falls - to raise it will be absolutely impossible.


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