One friend of mine has a son.
When he was 6 years old, there was a question about "where to go to learn?" The guy, he must say clever, so choose from the best.
How long have you received in school?
So there now Whole competitions and a la exams.

And on this day they still had planned to visit his grandmother. You understand that the 6-year-old child's hard to explain that going to her grandmother, where he was waiting pies postponed because he needs to answer some stupid questions vital to the future of it.

Well then, they sit in the classroom, waiting for their turn: hot, slow, disgusting.
And the long-awaited moment.
The teacher carefully looking at him and says:
 - Are you up to 10 know how to count?
What a silly question, of course can.
 - Count.
The child thought. She says: & quot; And in the reverse order can? & Quot;
The child looks at her mother and thinks that his aunt keeps quite a fool.

Further more, the aunt said: & quot; And a hundred you know how to count? & Quot;
The child looks at her intently and says Noooo.

It turns out he was with her mother on the street, a happy, mother naturally distressed, foresees means prodigy her to school that will not take his son and asks:
"What is it that you said that you considered to be a hundred do not know how, because you also know how?»

What a child she seriously says:
"So if I had it to one hundred, and then in reverse order thought, I wonder how much we have got to grandma, huh?"


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