One day my wife and I came to the cottage to her mother (then got married, their children have not been). What type of visit there, which may help. But it's not about that.

At the same time there came Teschin daughter and his son (the wife of the elder brother of my wife) - also like us: to visit my grandmother (Malinka-strawberry eat for free). This granddaughter was then five years old.

And then there's grandmother, or mother, or aunt (ie my wife) notices on the finger at Maltz splinter, which has already begun vesicate. A decision - remove a splinter, clean the wound and cover up zelyonkoj. The kid in any. Screaming, do not give anything.

Then I was like the only man in the country told him to keep, while the rest will be a needle thorn this pick. Well hold. The kid is not just screaming - zahodtsya hysterical, sees nothing, hears, his arms and legs pulls in all directions, the wife of my ears stopped up with a cry of "not mocked baby!" The street from the house ran out, with daughter-in-law themselves in the light hysteria that there picking, frantically trying to open the green fodder which there spread.

And then the boy, who has already passed a cry in my epilepsy, produces comes in crying: "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, not the finger smear - I have another pain ... ah-ah-ah-ah !!! ! ».

The unexpectedness of it all at once it is released, and he says so offended (and quietly), wiping snot "Of course, then you have three - one coped with it." That's the way.

A year later I still wife called a sadist who does not care to children's tears.


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