Our plates

I have a sister, she is 4 years. And, I can say it grows smyshlёnym child. And once again it smyshlёny mind led me into raptures.
Our parents went to rest, and we had stayed at home. I took leave from work, sin with his sister not to spend time. Short time we lived in splendid isolation, as suddenly decided to visit us come aunt and uncle. Uncle I have a lover and a lot of tasty meal. Well, we have prepared her goodies different, set the table, come to us rodstvennichki favorite. Sit down, eat, chat.
Look here, my sister so sits silent and still glancing sidelong at his uncle. And suddenly says: "Gena, and why are you so much at his plate and you put everything you put?" Well, uncle kept his head and replied: "You're on someone else's plates do not shar eyes!».
But here's my sestruha not rassteryalas and says: "A dish something, in fact, our!».
And looking at him poednym look. And what is there to answer that?


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