Today, our four-year daughter played Bunny. She found her mother's waist coat on - himself a leather and fur on the tips of these beads, just a real rabbit tail. And away we go.

Tie himself this belt, hanging behind the ball, she jumps like bunny, happy - from ear to ear. Suddenly it comes up - and ears?
 - Mom, I Bunny and I have ears Nooo !!!
My mother, like a real Aibolit, "sews" rabbit ears: took a kerchief tied around daughter's head so that the assembly was over his forehead. Klondike is long, the ends of the unit were almost like real ears. Daughter happy again, jumping even more fun, ears dangle upside-down. But one game is boring, let's stick to the parents. And parents (a shame, of course) into the computers have buried, reports / programs to make up for her daughter to react, but not very active. She jumped, popristavat sees that the hare does not enjoy much success and with inexpressible vexation says:
 - Oh, you are not able to love this hare!
And galloped away into the other room ...


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