The real story. Food in the bus home from work. Sitting in front of mom and son 4 years. Coaches, go long. Mom distracts baby talk, so as not to miss. Carry with them a small toy - dog.
 - How to name your dog?
Pause ...
 - I do not know ...
 - Well, the dog must have a name. What's her name?
The child, after reflection, loud, prolonged:
 - Ba-abochka!
Mom shocked. Explanations son:
 - Name - beautiful! She is so good - dog. Ba-abochka.
 - Spell it's better ball. Or Tuzik.
Then again, my mother:
 - Tomorrow will go to visit your godfather (his father, apparently), his Rita (probably his wife) was born a girl - ma-vermillion.
 - I want a girl! And I'll buy myself a girl! Do you know where you can buy a girl?
After long explanations mother that there is no such place, the question arises sister. Child joyfully:
 - Do you want a girl? And I also want a girl! I'll feed her, wear, sleep stack!
Agreed at last. Mom:
 - What we call our girl?
 - Ball!


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