Something in the night

Dima flew into the parents' bedroom and happily jumped on the bed:
 - I know - you do not sleep at night! You do something!
Parents are stunned silence. It was evident that this 8-year-old son they were not expecting. Mom blushed, and my dad was trying to find the right words.
 - Uh ... Well, you know, my son, how would you explain ...
Dimka interested in looking at red with shame of his father.
 - The Pope is ... uh ... tool. Do you understand? (Dima nodded his head.) You've got it too, but a little. Toy is, so to speak ... And Dad ... umm ... it moves back and forth ...

And my mother is ... oh my God ... skin. It also makes it back and forth. Well, in general, it is clear?
Father wiped his forehead and looked at his son. Dima nodded and replied:
 - All clear, Dad. But I will not leave from you, until you show me ...
My mother and father looked at each other. Their eyes have increased significantly in size. It seemed that between them was a dumb dialogue, "Damn, Got Game. Well - show? "" We will show what else to do something! »
Father got up and announced:
 - Especially for Dmitry Sergeyevich! Performed for the first time ... for him!
Dima chuckled and sat down on the bed comfortably.
At night we did not have time to finish, so finish it right now!
With these words, the father pulled out his "tool" of the wide pants and started waving them:
 - Look, son, Shaw will now ...
Mother, preparing their "skins" froze in anticipation ...
Half an hour wife worked nepokladaya limbs needful of his beloved son. They started doing these sometimes intricate pieces that Dimka groaned, screamed and clapped his hands ... This is the first time he saw !!!
Finally, tired parents postponed the jig saw, sandpaper and drill, and sat down on the bed.
 - Here you go, son! This model glider we have already the third day with his mother Scrollsaw at night to make you a surprise! Happy birthday, son !!!
Glider Dimka grabbed and ran into the room ... It was the 82 th year. Sex, the country does not have.


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