Sheksh Shop

Decently datye my drugan Serge and I stumble home. It pissed me off twice, so that when the wind blows, it blows like a sail on a windy direction, and I, as a steady, trying to steer, resulting in the entire structure, a little moaning, drifting a couple of steps according to the theory of vector addition. Breda by the sandbox. We see - tiny girl digging in the sand, and some wacky sovochkom and hefty red dildo with all personal belongings. Overcoming funky, scoops and a child of Grey, enveloping krohotulku fumes, provides:
 - I took Hde?

 - In Sheksh Shope - lisp child, and we could hardly trace the direction of the child's arm. Yeah, it is, Sheksh Shop!
Five minutes later, the road filled up trash, tumble into the institution. I am sending earrings three ladies behind the counter with a view to ask, what is it, in fact, over 30 seconds, he says the following surrealism:
 - In about in-ssstoite you here, and then a member of the D-girl digs the earth!
At first the young lady's eyes climb on his forehead, the other, nervously giggling, he notes that "It is well, so, the circus is necessary," and only on the face of the third ladies reflected the likeness of the thought process, and the next second she was evil screaming in the back room: < br />  - Petrovich, you are again * yu illiquid in the garbage delivered ?!

The result: a member of the child away in exchange for a similar in color and size plush rabbit, and we with Sergey on public money for a taxi ride home, clutching a wad khalyavnykh playboys. In general, all won. Also Petrovich.


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