Many stories about the journeys greatly embellished

Many stories about the journeys greatly embellished, and due to the fact that they are repeated many times by different people, they will eventually begin to be considered true. We invite you to read about six of these myths, in which still many believe.

1. Throughout the world, people are able to talk to some semblance of English

It is likely that you go on a trip, run the risk of pass through several major cities, but did not find any taxi driver, waiter or hotelier, to be able to talk to you in English or at least understand what you're trying to tell him. This is the case, for example, in mainland China.

There is also an idealized view of Europeans: that all Europeans speak two, three or four languages. But it is not. Why waiter Ovinone must speak English better than the cashier in your hometown speaks French? The best thing you can do - is to carry a pocket dictionary: so everyone will understand that you are a tourist.

2. Duty-free shop (duty free shop) - it is profitable for you

If you do not look like a magnum Jim Beam or package of cigars, the duty-free shop will be for you not so profitable. About a third of high-end products such as bags, sunglasses and jewelery in these stores at the airport, even taking into account the fact that they are not subject to tax, are about the same as in conventional urban stores.

Exceptions are countries with a high tax on alcoholic beverages, for example, Australia and quite profitable to buy alcohol in the duty free shop - in the cities it is much more expensive.

3. Brazen pickpockets

Most popular tourist destinations is much safer than people think. Is there any chance that you clean out pockets of La Rambla in Barcelona or Paris Metro? Of course, but the chance of becoming a victim of a pickpocket in your hometown is not much less.

However, there are some general rules to ensure the safety of your purse: do not put it in your back pocket when you're in a crowd, do not see the map in the street, thus showing that you are an ignorant tourist, and still wearing a T-shirt with a print of a wolf. This may sound ridiculous, but the guys in T-shirts of all bullies are considered, so that a person in such clothes will not contact anyone, it is a fact.

4. Your souvenirs are made in the same place where you buy them

If you are not in Honduras and China, it is likely, given out for the "authentic" products have been produced somewhere else ... just like China or Honduras. While most people say they buy unique souvenirs from another country, it is a myth: that you can say anything to anyone, but most likely you bought souvenirs are the usual Chinese forgery.

5. Be sure to bargain and never pay for a purchase, be thrown off at least 10% of its initial value

In fact, not all vendors are trying to cash in on you. Insists that the bag for seven dollars worth only six? So what? This dollar will be out of place for the seller, and you probably have the dollar, once you have found the means to travel abroad.

There is only one interesting question: is local this bag will sell for six dollars and whether it is seven dollars just for you? If you honestly answer "yes" - buy seven, honesty, and you can encourage. Begin to deny - looking for another bag.


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